Customer information

Ask for our neighbourhood discount by calling: 030 61 30 91 70
We are member of the “Berliner Verband Gewerblicher Schneeräumbetriebe“ (Association of Commercial Snow Removal Companies in Berlin)

The following information is helpful to ensure proper maintenance services:

Machine-operated maintenance of public sidewalks

A contractually agreed winter service by machine of public sidewalks may only be provided by winter service companies if a certain corridor width of sidewalks needed for winter service vehicles is guaranteed. 

Winter service vehicles can be hindered, for example, by motorcycles parked on sidewalks, bicycles fastened at street lights or street signs and cars parked on sidewalks, thus reducing the width needed by our vehicles for driving.

As a matter of precaution, we inform you that a short-term manual maintenance service (using a snow shovel or broom by hand) in these or similar cases cannot be provided by our staff.

This also applies to situations in which there are construction sites on public sidewalks which hinder or prevent machine-operated maintenance services.

If you wish an additional manual service, you must order such a service additionally. Acceptance of such an additional order must be confirmed by us in writing.

In order to avoid such problems, please make sure that tenants, residents, visitors and neighbours know that they shall not block public sidewalks in any way.

Please inform us if you know of any construction sites being planned during the winter season!

General Information

In case you have justified complaints, please call us or send a fax or an e-mail.

If our lines are busy, your call will be re-directed to our answering machine. Principally all requests or complaints are processed by us. Please understand that we cannot always reply within a very short period of time. 

Please be aware that our office staff is involved in preparing and organizing the snow removal and de-icing services. Questions about service times during snowfall may adversely affect the organizational measures to be taken.

We would like to point out that complaints are only accepted if made by direct customers or public order offices.

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