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Ask for our neighbourhood discount by calling: 030 61 30 91 70
We are member of the “Berliner Verband Gewerblicher Schneeräumbetriebe“ (Association of Commercial Snow Removal Companies in Berlin)

Our services at a glance:

We provide competent snow and ice removal services to business and private customers. Also in the upcoming season, our company will ensure traffic-safe roads and paths on approx. 2000 properties including those of ministries, public authorities and churches. We guarantee the use of environmentally friendly gravel. To be able to check the more than twenty service vehicles during operations and to organize services on a short-term basis, they are GPS equipped. This allows the planning team to flexibly coordinate the drivers and their tours, ensuring problem-free snow removal and de-icing services. In the context of the contractual services we provide, we have a liability insurance against damage to property and third parties.

To minimize our customer’s expense risk, we have fixed season prices which also apply in case of strong winters with many clearing and sanding operations.

During our season of operation we regularly check the local radar images. Thanks to the constantly updated weather information of the MeteoGroup GmbH we are kept informed of any changes and are able to plan our services well in advance. Especially in the case of sudden icy conditions, a competent weather service is very helpful.

With support from the Wettermanufaktur GmbH we offer an efficient Winter Service. The team of graduate meteorologists, researchers, and developers, experienced for many years in the field of Winter Service consulting and support, provides precise weather forecasts on the online portal www.einsatzwetter.de, which are specifically designed to the requirements for the Winter Service.

Please contact us at: 030 61 30 91 70.

Winterservice for Business Customers

Our business customers are on the one hand public clients such as ministries, federal state representations, churches, embassies and district offices. On the other hand, they are property management companies and mid-sized industrial firms that do not wish to remove snow and ice on their own. It is especially important to them to have snow and ice-free paths as they have a legal duty to maintain safety for tenants, customers and visitors. Often there are parking lot driveways and other open spaces that must to be free of snow and ice. You can definitely rely on our winter service in case of snow or icy conditions.

Winterservice for Private Customers

For owners and tenants of single-family homes or apartment buildings we keep the sidewalks free of snow and ice and - if needed - the paths to the building entrances or to the garages as well. We ensure proper clearing, de-icing and sanding of your property. As a special offer we grant neighbourhood discounts. If you are satisfied with our services and your neighbour becomes our customer as well, you shall benefit from this. We will then give you a discount.

Please call us at: 030 61 30 91 70.

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